Who are we?


Monaco Brands,
holder of the Monaco and Monte-Carlo brands

Monaco Brands; “Brands of the State of Monaco” is a Monaco-based limited company created on 6 April 2012, for the purpose of protecting, promoting and defending the entire portfolio of brands of which it is the owner or licensee.

In all, our company is the holder of over hundred brands, including the “MONACO” and “MONTE-CARLO” brands, which are registered nationally as well as in various countries for a set of product and service classes for which the Principality is renowned.
Consequently, any use of the terms “MONACO” and/or “MONTE-CARLO” in any form or on any product has to be authorised by our company in advance and is then the subject of a licence agreement.

Monaco Brands,
a domain name holder

As the chief function of our activity is the general protection and promotion of any element of intellectual property, we own several domain names containing the words “MONACO” and “MONTE-CARLO” in order for us to be able to make free use of them as well as to be able to block domain names which might be damaging to the image of the Principality or to that of any party wishing to acquire them.

The funds acquired through the licence agreements allow Monaco Brands to defend its licensees against infringement of copyright and equip it with the resources required to control the use of the brands both nationally and internationally.