The iconic brand


This name alone conveys a strong message.

Monaco is indeed naturally associated with Luxury, and proudly bears on it a rich past of a history whose initial is great and always in the making.

Quintessence of Europe without its current instability, the Principality of Monaco allows itself to offer itself and adapt to other cultures because it is sure of the solidity of its roots and the success of its formula, invented by Charles III and François Blanc exactly 150 years ago: to offer the permanent exception.

Becoming an Official Trademark Licensee of the Principality is thus the way to never leave indifferent, to raise the perceived value of your offer and to offer your target privileged access to the emotions generated by a unique brand DNA.
Luxury, the Glamour image of Monaco predominate in all the studies of perception carried out around the world, with in particular a very great admiration for the values of Elegance and Talent generally associated with the princely dynasty,
and the many events that have animated the rock for many decades (sports competitions and cultural programming in mind).

The Savoir-Vivre built in currency, and the valorization of self are also quoted in a very positive way, and strengthens the territory of the official licenses of the Principality.
Through them, we propose to strengthen your positioning on the DNA of our brands, to innovate, to gain in notoriety or to explore new market segments alongside properties of immense renown. Many synergies will appear possible and will establish, on an ad hoc or permanent basis, a collaboration whose assets will be successful. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss in detail the many assets of our various properties.