Monaco Brands; «Marques de l’Etat de Monaco», is a Monegasque public limited company created on 6 April 2012 whose object is to protect, value and defend the entire portfolio of trademarks owned or licensed by it.

In fact, our company owns more than one hundred brands, including the «MONACO» and «MONTE-CARLO» brands, registered nationally as well as in various countries for a set of classes of products and services for which the Principality is recognized. Thus, any use of the terms "MONACO" and/or "MONTE-CARLO" in any form or on any product must be previously authorized by our company and be the subject of a license agreement.

MONACO BRANDS is primarily concerned with the image that will be conveyed by the product that is proposed for sale, to which the name Monaco or Monte-Carlo will be added, alone or accompanied by another representative acronym. We are therefore particularly vigilant to the quality of the product, as well as to the quality and seriousness of the contractor, in order not to harm the image of the Principality, nor by its use, nor to other previous licensees.